Nurture Ministry 

Deepening the spiritual life of our members is at the heart of Canton United Methodist Nurture Ministries.  These ministries provide the encouragement and nourishment each of us needs to grow in faith and to serve our nurture area. Nurture includes small group studies, prayer bands and lay visitation ministries which facilitate opportunities to grow in Christ by caring for and supporting one another.


Spiritual Caffe Latte Ministries Adult Weekly Wednesday Morning Study @ 10:00AM Central

Young People of Worship Studies on Tuesday @6:00PM

Little Blessing Children Studies Chat on Wednesday @6:00PM

Pillars of Faith Adult Studies @ 6:30PM

Vacation Bible Class


Sunday School – 9:00AM– 9:45AM FOR ALL AGES


Little Blessings (Children)

Young People of Worship (Youth)

Male Chorus

Sanctuary Choir

Mass Choir

Woman Choir

Praise Team


United Methodist Women’s Ministry

United Methodist Men’s Ministry

First Student (Education) Ministry

Prayer Ministries 

Health Ministries 

United Methodist Youth Fellowship(UMYF)-This is our ministry for and to High School age persons.  Their repertoire of activities includes service projects, fellowship activities and discussion of relevant issues.


Worship  works cooperatively with the Pastor and Music ministry leaders to provide the congregation with a worship service that is spirit-filled and assists in strengthening their relationship with God.

Acolytes – Youth are encouraged to become an Acolyte and join our young people who lead the procession of ministers into the sanctuary at the beginning of service.

Altar Guild Assures the beautification and appropriateness of the altar dressing.

Baptismal Steward Assists the pastor during the Baptism service and insures that the baptized members’ name is added to church records.

Communion Stewards Prepare the altar and assist in serving Communion to the congregation.

Lay Liturgists/Announcers Read scripture and announcements during service.


Family Ministries- Addresses the concerns and conditions of families in our community in order to improve their quality of life and Christian growth.

Grief Support – Reaches out to persons in need of support and prayer during times of loss.

Lay Visitation- Cares for the spiritual needs of those who can no longer participate in regular church service and activities.

Stewardship – A comprehensive program of stewardship education, inspiration and action that teaches the meaning of Christian stewardship and provides opportunities for people to practice stewardship in their daily lives.

Vacation Bible School – one week summer Bible and arts retreat for all

Liturgical Dancers

United Methodist Youth Fellowship (UMYF) – This is our ministry for and to High School age persons.